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  • Shanghai
  • January 1, 2017
Taking off, landing, departing and arriving, the Airport is not only the pathway connecting cities to cities; but also a vivid, inspirational live art museum to carry its city character and show to every passenger.

To welcome the Year of Rooster, JCDecaux Momentum Shanghai Airport Advertising (SAMDecaux), created "Flying Rooster" sculpture groups composed jointly of square pixels, released at check-in hall and arrival hall of Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport terminal 2. The lively and modern image of the rooster is a perfect combination of Shanghai urban symbol and international contemporary art concept, reflecting the celebration and joy of traditional Chinese spring festival.

Main sculpture group – “Flying Rooster” urban architecture sculpture is located at Hongqiao Airport Terminal 2 check-hall.The height of the main sculpture reached to 5.8 meters. A heart-shaped  red rooster sculpture right stands in the middle of Shanghai iconic building models. This clearly reflects Shanghai modern characters.

Another two sculpture groups are sitting on the luggage claim area in arrival. Small yellow chicken led by their father – the red “flying rooster”, form a lovely family to show the Chinese New Year concept and deliver the message of “Home” to every passenger travels in the Airport.

To echo the main sculptures, 24 sets of “Rooster Family” graphic also launched in Hongqiao Airport Terminal 2, traffic centre and Terminal 1 to enhance the festive experience during the Chinese New Year period.

New Year wishes and rooster shapes are transcribed into more traditional elements through the design. Every element in the sculptures is generated from futuristic and geometric graphics. To integrate them into the overall pattern, with 3D symbol of Shanghai buildings, express the cutting-edge, modern nature of Shanghai whilst staying true to more comforting and traditional Spring Festival motifs. Chinese New Year is a profound and important tradition of, with its own pre-established and accepted symbols and patterns. These symbols are not only familiar to the Chinese people, but also familiar to foreigners.

The “Flying Rooster” sculpture groups are on exhibition from Jan. 12th, 2017. This is also SAMDecaux’s first approach to make crossover contemporary art sculpture happen in Shanghai Airport. The project aims to demonstrate the festive atmosphere in Shanghai Airport and make this dynamic space into an excitement point of the contemporary society.