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1. A New Media Planning and Buying Business Model and Platform

Relying on the national metro media, customize media packages based on big data
Integrated strategic vision with richer marketing strategies
Achieve more efficient and relevant market coverage
  • One-stop service – it's easier to launch across cities
  • Personalization – industry-specific nationwide solutions
  • Integrated strategic vision - Relying on big data to focus on the whole country, it is convenient for online and offline linkage
  • Digital Marketing – Digital media planning accurately builds brand potential

2. Comprehensive Media Information

Cross-city metro media information, can support accurate query anytime and anywhere
Support desktop client & mobile login
  • Overview of nationwide media - a comprehensive understanding of the current situation and advantages of media development
  • Media profile - Quickly know the media distribution from the cities’ maps, which is convenient for formulating multi-city coverage media schemes
  • Media coverage details – clients can get the detailed coverage information of media locations and select the relevant locations according to their strategy
  • Media formats preview – clients can Intuitively know the characteristics and advantages of the media

3. Efficient Digital Purchasing and Service Experience

Scenario-oriented multi-dimensional planning, real-time placeholder inquiry, online ordering and other media digital procurement services improve decision-making efficiency and accelerate the transaction process;