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National Media Insights

National KA & IMM Service, based on the KA client's overall advertising strategy, making use of the diversified physical space advantages and context characteristics of the national OOH media, provides KA clients with personalized media combinations. 


Multi-tier Cities Leverage

Using the high-quality media resources of JCDecaux China in various cities across the country, we can launch the OOH campaigns in several cities achieve the advertising promotion strategy of multi-city leverage.


Covering the Urban Life Scenarios

The public transportation system comprehensively covers urban life scenarios, including landmarks, business districts, entertainment, schools, development zones, transportation hubs and etc., with accurate and convenient scenario orientation. 


Reach the Target Audience 

The urban transportation media platforms with a high concentration of urban vitality people, the visual impact effect of the media and the clear visibility relationship to the audience, directly reach the main consumer group.