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JCDecaux offers accessible services to meet the daily needs of all. Quality and style are essential components of these services, resulting in street furniture that is as attractive as it is practical.

Innovation. Our Drive 

JCDecaux was created thanks to an innovation: the advertising bus shelter. And with it arrived a new business model: street furniture financed by advertising. We haven't stopped innovating ever since, continuously offering more services while enhancing the surrounding environment.


cleaning & Maintenance. High Standards, Everyday

JCDecaux is recognised by cities, transport authorities and advertisers for the quality of its maintenance and upkeep services, which contribute to each location’s appeal every day.

Digital. Close, More Responsive, More Flexible

JCDecaux's attractive digital screens offer a new way to inform and advertise that is effective, customised and responsive.


Sustainability. An Eco-Responsible Urban Environment

Our partners are sensitive to sustainable development. We too have made it the core of the Group's strategy, establishing it as a key factor in innovation, differentiation, and competitiveness.