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ATTRACTIVENESS. Make it fun, make it easy.

JCDecaux helps make user pathways more varied, more surprising, even more event-driven. We increase the site's appeal and add a bit of fun to the commute, using the latest technology: beacons, Wi-Fi, interactive digital screens, augmented reality, and more. With our knowledge of user profiles and expectations, our benchmarking, and our capacity for ongoing innovation, we are creating solutions that are ever more relevant.

More Mileage on the Metro

Metro is the main modes of transportation in major cities of China. Today, China has become the world's fastest country to develop urban rail trnsit system. With its flexible media formats and advertising publishing options, JCDecaux provides clients with an effective platform to deliver advertising message in an relatively captive metro environment.

Leading Metro Advertising Network in China

Metro Passengers are typically young, well-educated and upwardly mobile computers, who are always intersted in the latest fashion and trends. Advertising is acceptable among the passengers and could easily spur their consumer demand.
JCDecaux China enjoys a majority market share in China’s metro advertising market with business presence in 7 fast-developing cities, includig Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Nanjing, Chongqing, Suzhou and Hong Kong. It operates the advertising space in 1,194 metro stations, which feature 80,687 ad panels and approximately 20 types of advertising formats exposed to an audience of more than 31.93 million per day.