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OUR IMPACTS. Understand and measure to act.

With the greenhouse gas reports on our activities and the life cycle analyses (LCA) of our furniture, we were able to identify our main impacts on the environment:
  • energy consumption
  • the resulting carbon emissions
  • our waste and water management

OUR ACTIONS. In all areas.

To limit our impacts as much as possible, we have deployed a broad range of measures covering every aspect of our activities.

OUR RESULTS. 2021 key figures.

  • 98% of electric energy consumption is covered by green electricity

  • -14% reduction in fuel consumption per 100km between 2012 and 2021

  • 83% of our paper posters recycled

  • 80% of waste sorted

  • 15 subsidiaries ISO 14001 certified

IN PRACTICE. Filtreo bus shelter.

Filtreo: a bus shelter to contribute to the reduction of urban pollution
JCDecaux aims to make sustainable improvements in urban living.
Its latest innovation, the Filtreo bus shelter with its green roof, is intended to contribute to the reduction of urban pollution.