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  • Shanghai
  • October 18, 2018
On the evening of October 18, the 11th ROI Festival award ceremony was grandly held at the Shanghai Centre Theater, gathering together creative professionals and advertising industry practitioners from all over the world, to witness the announcement of the winners in various categories.
In regards to the awards, JCDecaux China won the company's award of ‘2018 11th ROI Festival Award -- Annual Traditional Media Company’. At the same time, Tian Yu Kong, Hylink, Mindshare and Tencent were awarded with the ‘Annual Creative Agency’, ‘Annual Digital Creative Agency’, ‘Annual Media Agency’ and ‘Annual Digital Media Company’.  The works selected by the subsidiaries of JCDecaux China, such as Shanghai Shentong JCDecaux Metro Advertising Co., Ltd. (STDecaux), JCDecaux Momentum Shanghai Airport Advertising Co., Ltd. (SAMDecaux), JCDecaux Advertising (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (JCDecaux Bus), Beijing Top Result Metro Advertising Co., Ltd. (Beijing Top Result Metro) and JCDecaux Pearl & Dean Ltd. (JCDecaux Transport) also gained the recognition of the ROI committee and won different awards in various categories of Media Section and Production Section.

‘ROI Festival is the world's first business creative award, aiming to reward the most innovative brands and enterprises, encouraging them to maximize the return on investment with the most limited budget of their creative marketing activities. Since its establishment, ROI Festival has become the largest and most influential business creativity awards in the field of professional advertising and marketing in Greater China Area through more than ten years of development. ROI Festival enjoy the reputation of being the ‘Oscars’ in the field of advertising and marketing in China. The categories of this year’s awards are divided into Brand Company Section, Agency Company Section, Overseas Section, Media Company Section, Production Company Section and Product Section. 3,439 pieces of entries submitted by 626 companies took part in the selection process. The judging panels of the organizing committee have always adhered to the strict standards of award winning grades, and making it the benchmark of the industry during the selection process. The gold winning rate has reached a low record of 1.8%, 8% down compared to last year.
As the leading outdoor media operator in China, in addition to winning the ‘Annual Traditional Media Company’ award, the subsidiaries of JCDecaux China, also won a total of 11 awards during the competition. Among of them, STDecaux, a business unit of JCDecaux China, won the gold medal of ‘the 11th ROI Festival Award - Media Section (Application Category)’ with the work of ‘STDecaux: Re-bag’, while the case ‘3D outdoor display at Shanghai Pudong Airport’ submitted by SAMDecaux also received high praise from the organizing Committee, and stood out from many candidates and won the silver prize of ‘the 11th ROI Festival Award -- Media Section (Application Category)’.

Entering the Chinese market for over ten years, JCDecaux has devoted itself to using its own media resources, adopting high-tech and creative concepts, and combining brand attributes to customized media solutions, to help customers achieve diversified and accurate brand promotion in scene marketing. Winning these awards is a recognition and commendation from the ROI Organizing Committee, as well as a recognition and encouragement from the industry for the efforts made by JCDecaux for the past years. In the future, JCDecaux will continue to strive to optimize our media platform and launch more efficient product portfolios and services integrating creativity and innovation in the Chinese market.