A 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck Lushan County of Ya'an city in China's Sichuan province on 8:02 AM April 20th, 2013. Faced with the disaster, JCDecaux China designed and publicized this public service advertisement. The images were placed on 130 light-boxes in Shanghai, Nanjing, Chongqing, Tianjin and Suzhou Metro, the handle and in-train advertising on two trains in Nanjing Metro, 400 MD (Multimedia Display) of campus media in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou, 2 light-boxes in the Chengdu Airport and 3 bus-body advertising in Wuzhou. It covers nearly 540 media spaces, and the media value totaling approximately RMB 9 million. 
While paying close attention to the rescue efforts of the government agencies and utilizing JCDecaux unique resources, the No.1 worldwide outdoor advertising company, JCDecaux has donated RMB 100,000 through the Red Cross Society of China. The employees of JCDecaux Ghina privately started a donation drive that generated RMB 54,248.5 for the relief effort (RMB 28,990.5 through the One Foundation, and RMB 25,258.0 through the Red Cross Society of China).