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To create buzz about the second season of the music talent show “The Coming One”, Tencent Video created an eye-popping “Rising Star Tunnel” at Xujiahui station. The glaring show logo together with the deep blue starry ceiling turned the mega projection zone into a magnificient photo site.

Two strips of blue arrow floor stickers on either side were leading passengers to meet the music icons of the show. People who walked along the arrows were even surprised to find a projected circle was following their steps like a spotlight to make them feel like being a superstar.

When stood on the white circular floor sticker, passengers could switch the photos of eight contestants by waving their hands, browse each one's personal information, and select the one they wanted to support. They only need to take a step forward and stand on the red projected circle to vote.

The compelling design of the “Rising Star Tunnel” and the inventive way of voting attracted many passengers to participate and share on social media. From online show to offline scene-interaction, the campaign used the metro space to narrow the distance between the audience and the show.