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Nanjing Metro

Line 1, 2 & 7

Nanjing Metro, as an important urban rail transit system in Nanjing, has currently operated 12 lines, and is the first city in China where metro services are available in all districts. According to statistical data, the metro accounts for up to 70% of public transportation trips in Nanjing. By the end of 2023, the annual passenger flow of Nanjing Metro has reached 1 billion.

Guided by the concept of quality and innovation, Nanjing Metro JCDecaux Advertising has launched the media improvement and transformation project since 2024, striving to further enhance the quality of Nanjing Metro media. Focusing on media upgrades in landmark stations such as Xinjiekou and Daxinggong, the company will fully unleash the potential of metro media and maximize the communication effect. 


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