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Nanjing Metro

Line 1, 2 & 7

As the main public transportation system in Nanjing, Nanjing metro has opened 12 lines and made Nanjing become China’s first city served by metro in all districts and counties. The daily average passenger traffic of the three lines operated by JCDecaux accounts for 60% of the whole network.

JCDecaux provides advertisers with various type of media resources including lightboxes on platforms, in concourses and passageways, escalator crown panels and bulkhead at the entrance, in-train ads, wall sticker, pillar wrap as well as digital screen since its establishment in 2005.

As an operator owning premium outdoor media resources in Nanjing, JCDecaux  will continuously optimize the design, deepen the brand image and provide clients with high-quality media products as well as creative solutions and quality service to interact with passengers to trigger secondary communication and bring good advertising effect.

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