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JCDecaux renews and expands its advertising concession
with Singapore Changi Airport until 2022

Paris, 11 April, 2016 - JCDecaux SA (Euronext Paris: DEC), the leading outdoor advertising company worldwide, announced today the renewal of its advertising concession with Singapore Changi Airport for 5 years, from 2018 until 2022. The current concession ends in December 2017. 

With the renewal, JCDecaux will expand its footprint in Changi Airport with an enhanced advertising inventory, offering more of its signature innovative Digital Media and Large Format displays. JCDecaux will also extend its coverage to the new Terminal 4, which is scheduled to open in the second half of 2017. With the addition of Terminal 4, Changi Airport’s passenger capacity will increase to 82 million per year, further strengthening its position as a world leading airhub. Continuing its strategy of “Broadcast, Target & Impact”, JCDecaux will introduce new landmark media at more strategic locations across all four Terminals, whilst enhancing key media in the existing Terminals 1, 2 and 3. 
JCDecaux will further strengthen its Digital Media offer at Changi Airport with the introduction of digital engagement solutions leveraging the latest technologies. This will provide advertisers the opportunity to engage passengers through various digital platforms, including on their mobile devices. Advertisers will be able to deliver their marketing communications more effectively through the new JCDecaux multi-channel media platform. 
Ms Lim Peck Hoon, Executive Vice President, Commercial of Changi Airport Group, said: “We are pleased with JCDecaux’s performance at Changi Airport, where they have changed the face of advertising with the introduction of unique new media.  We are delighted to continue our partnership with JCDecaux and look forward to them delivering highly innovative advertising experiences at Changi Airport.”
Jean-Charles Decaux, Co-Chief Executive Officer of JCDecaux, said: “It is JCDecaux’s privilege to continue to partner Changi Airport Group at one of the World’s best Airports. Since the inception of this contract in 2011, we aimed to build a World Class Media Offer at Changi Airport through a targeted product strategy, launching several “market-first” innovative digital media formats, with the support of Changi Airport Group. Today, Changi Airport’s status as an iconic airport and advertising destination in Asia is firmly established in the minds of advertisers globally and JCDecaux will strive to continue to innovate at one of the World’s best Airports for many years to come.”

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